Posted by: axelana | April 8, 2009

8 Days…

*blows of dust in my blog*

Whew, it’s been a long time since haven’t posted anything, huh? Well, there’s a very good reason for that; my life still stinks & definitely dull. It’s not that I’m not getting good grades at school; it’s just that I got so anticipated with my summer vacation, I don’t want to go to school anymore. *sighs* Well, there’s only 8 days to go anyway before my 1 week break starts.

There’s also an another thing I’m worried about; me and my travel agent haven’t settled yet with the package we’ve been discussing since March. I’m also getting worried that we might not settle the deal before I go in April 18. If we don’t, that means no vacation; crap. Well, there’s only 8 days left, so we really need to settle this ASAP.

~ Lana

Posted by: axelana | January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Another big celebration, another year. Oh yes, 2008 is finally over, and hello, 2009!

As usual, me & my family celebrated New Year’s Eve with a bang. My brother was already psyched up to see all the fireworks we bought over the days in action. We also sticked to our Chinese traditions this year, like wearing green this NYE, and also eating round-shaped foods.

Surprisingly, on the morning of December 31, 2008, I can already hear the sound of fireworks, when it’s still in the morning. It’s very unusual, I thought. But anyway, the fireworks continued till midnight, and it was our turn to use our fireworks at around 9 PM. My dad started using the “kwitis” and “sintoron ni hudas”, Philippine-made fireworks which have very, VERY loud sound/bangs when lit up. Then, my dad started using the real fireworks that go up into the night sky. I took the pictures of the fireworks, while my mom recorded everything with the videocam.

When it was 12 AM sharp, we all greeted each other a “Happy New Year” & jumped like little kids. We all went up to the rooftop afterwards, and saw many group of fireworks lighting up the midnight sky. It got foggy too, unlike last year, we could see the darkness of the sky. That’s when I began to worry, thinking that Earth is really in a huge danger right now when it comes to global warming. I hope that the problem would be resolved soon; that’s my NYE wish.

Soon afterwards, it was time for the NYE feast, in which we ate some foods that are round-shaped. We were still happy, even though there were only 8 of us in the house, including our 2 butlers. I wish that my relatives in Sta. Mesa could have come to our house instead, but anyway, it was ok. My brother was already psyched to see the footage of the New Year celebration, so we watched the video in the TV, when suddenly, it blacked out! What a way to celebrate new year, I suppose. Just a few minutes, the power was on again, thankfully.

Well anywhos, I hope all of you had a very spectacular new year. I know that we’ll expect more ups and down in the future, or even this year, but let’s remain positive in all the things we do. Wishing y’all again a happy new year; have a nice year!


Posted by: axelana | December 25, 2008

A Different Kind of Christmas

Well, today’s the day of the year that I’ve been waiting for this whole year. It’s a day not only special for me, but to all of us. Yep, it’s Christmas Day, and also my birthday.

Me & my family had to wake up early this morning, since we will celebrate our Christmas not in our home, but in our previous residence in the Philippines, which is in Sta. Mesa, Manila. This is the first time that I hit the road during Christmas Day, so I really felt weird about it, since there are only a few cars around. It was not too long till we reached our old residence in Sta. Mesa at around 10 AM.

As usual, we greeted each other & my relatives with a simple “Merry Christmas!” But, it’s a different thing for me. :D You’re probably wondering why we celebrated Christmas there, while not in our home this time. My relatives who are living there arranged a blessing for the house, since the construction of the house was already finished last time. When the priest arrived, he even said that after 7 years, he was able to bless a house again on Christmas Day.

And so, the Christmas party began. There were still a few of us, since it’s still early in the morning, but we’re happy that we shared some laughs & thoughts. I made fun of my relatives as usual, since I’m EBIL. XD During the party, I only ate a few, since I don’t feel like eating that time (dunno why). A few hours have passed, and some of my other relatives arrived. It was a very happy day, till I felt drowzy all of the sudden. x_x

Hours have passed, and my mom decided that we should all play a game. Party games are really, well, old. But it’s Christmas anyway, and all of us should enjoy it an any way. The first game that we played was the simple “Bring Me” game, followed with “Simon Says” and lastly, “Trip to Jerusalem”. After that, we continued talking, especially within me and my cousins & aunts. As time passed by, I felt drowzier & drowzier. About 5 PM, that’s the time we left, and said goodbye to my relatives. I have to say today is an awesome day, and it’s really a different kind of Christmas I experienced this year.

So now, I finally arrived in our home, still feeling drowzy & such. I helped my parents in arranging the stuffs we brought after we arrived. So now, one more thing to do before my birthday & Christmas ends; OPEN MY PRESENTS!! 8D I oughta open them later when the AC turns on, and I’m not going to tell what they are this time, lol.

Hoping that all of you had a Happy & Merry Christmas. God bless you all, guys! ^_^

~ Aeris Lana, 17 years of breathing

Posted by: axelana | December 20, 2008

Lonely Christmas?

The day we’ve all been waiting for is just 5 days away. It’s the time wherein all of us are reunited. It’s the time where all of us give & recieve gifts from our loved ones. It’s the time wherein all of us get merry & get along. Yep, that day is none other than Christmas Day. As a child born on the same day as Jesus Christ’s birthday, I always feel very special when Christmas is about to come. Sure, I only get presents in one day in a year, but still, I’m glad I share the same birthday with Jesus. I’m always excited & in the mood about Christmas, but this time, everything changed. The arrival of Christmas didn’t excite me at all, and instead, I can’t even feel the Christmas spirit within me.

Global crisis is one of the many problems that our world is facing right now. Sadly, this global crisis also affected some people’s Christmas spirit, especially those who are striving for money just so that they can buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. For me, this crisis also affeted me a lot, and because of that, my Christmas spirit became numb, completely. Although, I’m still trying to cope up even in this time of crisis, because I’m sure everyone wants a very happy Christmas.

Even so, let’s not forget what Christmas is all about. Christmas is very special day for all of us, and we should cherish it. Let’s just forget the bad things that are happening right now, and instead, be merry for Christmas. ;D


Posted by: axelana | December 7, 2008

Christmas Shopping

*whew* Today is a very busy day, not because I did my projects for the whole day for our finals, but I finally had the time to go Christmas shopping! I went to several places today, mainly from the street shops of Prince Edward to the chic shops of Tsim Sha Tsui. Who knew shopping can be tiring! *duh*

I started shopping at the street markets of Prince Edward as usual, since you can find neat & nifty items there that are sold for a cheap price. Navigating through the narrow streets & crowded people already made me claustrophobic, considering that no one’s with me. Well, that’s a Christmas bazaar for yah. After shopping in the streets in Prince Edward, I made my way to Tsim Sha Tsui for a different shopping environment.

One of the shops that I visited in Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the most famous fashion brands made in Hong Kong & is now highly popular: Giordano. As I passed the shop, I saw an attractive looking t-shirt. The t-shirt was simple, but still cute. I really can’t resist it & I thought that the t-shirt will be the perfect gift for my boyfriend. When I went inside to check the t-shirt’s price, my heart suddenly stopped beating. 549 HK Dollars. FTW. I thought to myself “That’s too much for a t-shirt!” Seriously, I can’t even afford that price, and I’m better off looking for a good one than the one I saw.

Well, in the end, I finally managed to buy some gifts for my relatives, cousins, and etc. back in the Philippines, although my shopping list is incomplete yet, and… LOL WTF… Why am I thinking about shopping right now anyway? I still need to finish my CWA’s, which means more busy-ness and less relaxing, ugh. I’m definitely taking a break after December 19th; seriously.


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